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We create professional, ultra-elite masseur who will always be the 'top model' 'Whose wife' 'Secretaries' 'Mistress' anywhere they work.

An established and internationally renowned professional company since 2000, we provide a highly secure, supportive, professional environment in which to introduce approachable, intelligent, masseur feminine model-beauties to carefully selected, refined VIP clients. We always welcome suitable new additions to our 'family'. We create professional, ultra-elite masseur who will always be the 'top model' 'Whose wife' 'Secretaries' 'Mistress' anywhere they work. There is nowhere else in the world that can provide the income, security, support and luxury life that Delight Girls does. With us, you are at the pinnacle of the elite entertainment industry. You are encouraged to research around.

Our masseur models are not 'employed' by us, or do they work 'for' us; we prefer to phrase it as working together. Delight Girls Masseur Models™ provides the direct honesty, support and security that other agencies simply do not provide.

Discretion and secrecy = top clientele

Superb security & protection = safe environment and better clients

Top marketing and promotion

- NEVER undress or 'perform' for male management

- Never be yelled at for simple mistakes

- Never be pressured to be involved with illegal drugs

- Constant flow of selected new and regular clients - no freaks!

- Superb working conditions

- High standards always maintained.

- Full training provided

- Respect and genuine care

- Luxurious surroundings

- Polite, professional security chauffeurs

- Experienced, calm booking co-ordinators

- Relaxed supportive management

- Absolute discretion and confidentiality forever

Proper professionalism

Applies to this career, the same as any other industry, if you don't take pride in your work and your reputation, we won't work with you.

Confidence and common sense intelligence - but not cocky, you will be entertaining some of the top clients in the world. You

Need to be able to maintain intelligent conversation on any subject, flirt with your clients, 'get' their jokes, and generally charm them

& connect with them, on top of any entertainment. A masseur connects on every level, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically.

Not all high class masseur are actual models - it takes a lot more substance than just good looks masseur companion - Chances are you may be welcome at Delight Girls Masseur Models™, and have the opportunity to live the lifestyle you've only dreamed of!

Buy all the things you want, drive a new car, live in a beautiful home or buy your own home. Drink fine champagne in five star hotels and aboard luxury yachts, entertaining affluent, cultured clients. Luxuriate in financial freedom.

Read the rest of our website to get to know the company, and ensure your personality, presentation and passion levels are right. We work with you, & we want you to succeed.

You deserve the best; apply with our friendly office co-ordinators to join our masseur elite today. Thank you for taking the time to read our recruitment page. We look forward to meeting you, discussing your career options, and hopefully welcoming you aboard ;-)

She can play the submissive girl or she can be the domineering women. It's up for you to decide, the hot nurses or the innocent school girls that need to be punished.