We all know how delicious it is to be naughty. Now we can offer the ultimate 'naughty massage night'. An intense, exciting package of ultimate indulgences, in all the things you really shouldn't - 5 hours.


VANITY: Mirrors and adoration. This is a winning combination that makes this part of the package particularly enjoyable, and allows both you and the model to indulge in the human flaw of vanity. Watch yourself or each other doing naughty massage fantasy things in the mirror.


SLOTH: Sit, relax in your bath or on your bed; Be the Sultan serviced completely by your favourite harem girl. Your Delight Girls Masseur Models™ goddess will be the ultimate maid escort, in every way, whether rubbing your feet or feeding you. Your wish is her command.


RAGE: Obey your seductress during this period, or she may punish you! Gentle domination. Stunning leather outfits, velvet and fur restraints, oils, candles, soft tails whip, possible blindfold inclusion; Sensory deprivation is the best way to enhance other senses... A good spanking should get you back in line, peasant.


LUST: Ahh, the most luscious and tempting of all the sins. Indulge in your deepest passionate desires, there is no holding back or inhibitions here. Total passion, abandonment and teenage lust. Pure Sensual.





ENVY: 2 beautiful, sensual models, making you envy them as they entertain each other, or envying each other of your attentions. They sensually spoil each other in exquisite lingerie & expensive lotions, then see which of them can get your undivided attention. Competition for your affections...


GREED: Another model joins you, 3 beautiful, passionate women to cater to your every whim. Pure Greed. sexy dancing, lingerie, body sauce, foreplay-dice, honey and ice -You greedy boy!


GLUTTONY: Food, pleasure, luxurious lotions and potions; stuff yourself with pleasures, like strawberries and cream, honey, chocolate sauce, fruit and all the nutritious, natural juices.. Be fed grapes & paint your gorgeous model's body with edible paint - more indulgence than the average bear...

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