We all know how delicious it is to be naughty. Now we can offer the ultimate 'naughty massage night'. An intense, exciting package of ultimate indulgences, in all the things you really shouldn't - 5 hours.


Watch her full, flushed mouth as she takes a strawberry into it. Her luscious lips as she puts her tongue out to slowly, lazily taste the drizzle of honey you left there...

One of our most popular massage fantasy packages, and definitely one of the most erotic massage service. You can't get bored with this!


The most enjoyable part of the food fantasy is when you incorporate it into other massage fantasies, like the bi-double. Have your main with one, fantasy massage, and dessert massage fantasy with the other! Culinary delights indeed...


The escorts in Hong Kong are able to entertain all age guys and can rejuvenate them with her erotic styles and fun activities for sure. 






Inspired by the very erotic 80's movie "Nine and a ½ Weeks", starring Kim Basinger & Mickey Rourke. Watch the movie, replicate the fun! Never tried the pleasures of bringing food into your eroticism? Not the comforting pleasure of buttery toast and soup in bed on a cold day, but juice-dripping, squelching, creamy foods for eating from a tight, fit body.


Taste and texture are closely related to other massage fantasy pleasures. Imagine the pleasure of licking mango juice from the firm, tanned belly of one of our masseur escort models...


Catching the dribble of fruit as it trickles down her flesh to her can you catch it before it disappears?..

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