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Masseur Escorts often turn down new clients. Aside from those who didn’t pass screening, any other refusals were always for one of the reasons below:


The gut instinct said no.

The client did not appreciate the value of masseur offered.

The client expected masseur to invest time and resources into pursuing their business without any financial commitment on their end.

The client did not treat the masseur in a courteous or professional manner.

The client asked for services the masseur didn’t provide.

The client’s requests were too large for the masseu one-person business.

The client did not share the same values as masseur.


They’re from the article “Seven Reasons to Say No to New Business”. If you read the article, you’ll notice it doesn’t say anything about masseur escorts.


This should be no surprise to anyone, but masseur escort service businesses are similar no matter what the service is. Web designers often make the same complaints about their clients that they’ve heard masseur escorts make about theirs. The art of client relations is the same.


Masseur escort work is a business. Masseur escorts face many of the same business issues that small, personal service business owners face, whether online or during client meetings. Recognize that you are running a small business. It helps you be a professional and empowers you to make decisions that are right for you and your business.


Recognizing the business reason for why you refused a new client gives you a solid argument if the client decides to debate your refusal. You could even refer clients to the “Seven Reasons” article. They might learn a lesson in how to approach business-people in order to get a “yes” instead of a “no.”



And maybe you’ll learn that it’s okay to turn down new clients, especially for one of the very valid reasons stated above. You already know that accepting an appointment with a client like this means the appointment won’t go well and both of you won’t get along with each other. Saving yourself (and potential clients) headaches or real trouble makes your business and personal life that much easier. But is it worth getting a bad review, not getting along with a client, getting ripped off or assaulted? Maybe your peace of mind is worth the money you would’ve made from a bad appointment.


Turning down clients because they don’t suit you is a gift to yourself. It also means that you raise the percentage of successful appointments you have, leaving you feeling better about your work. Being a happy masseur escort means you can more easily make your clients happy. Happy clients come back, increasing your percentage of repeat clients. Means your business is happy and healthy. That makes you even happier, right? This creates a self-perpetuating cycle of success.


Allowing unsuitable clients to book appointments with you interrupts your happiness. Let them go their way. They may find their own perfect match elsewhere or they may not. It doesn’t matter to you because you have to protect your mental and emotional health first. Making sure your appointments are suitable for you is a big step in that direction.