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Dress off, Panties Off, Leave the shoes

At this point, you may be wondering why she retired. At the time. She was quite madly in love and quite happy with my life.  She didn’t imagine retirement would be much different. She thought she’d have more free time to explore new interests. Nor did  have any other experiences that she like to learn from. She had no idea of the problems that would arise.

Thinking about retirement while escorting is very different from actually being retired! None of the scenarios she imagined have happened and she didn’t expect what has happened.

The process has not been easy, as you can tell. It’s required: dismantling her entire life, moving away from everything She known and entering a long-term commitment (scary!). Not every masseur escort does these things upon retirement; except for the commitment thing (if they retire because of a relationship).


She did it because she felt she found a special person. Yes, they're still together.

She sure she haven’t answered every question you have, but here are two you’re probably thinking:


Why not dump him and go back to massage escort work if she like it so much?

It’s not that simple and easy. Her in a relationship and her life has changed. She would no more be in my comfort zone by leaving him and trying to re-build her life again (as an massage  escort) than she is right now trying to build a publishing business. She moving down a new path and want to see where it ends.

Would what she will do it all over again?

Perhaps. If she did, it would certainly be on a different timeline! She would be much more cautious about so easily giving up her freedom.


She have a feeling that many of them will face the same basic issues she’ve faced. Although she can’t assume everyone will react to their retirement the way she had, or that their situations/personalities will create exactly the same issues she’ve faced, It would make retirement easier for both parties if they could have an idea of what they’ll face.

Retirement is not as simple as just not taking any more massage escort appointments.



Social Life

Teri have moved away from everything she ever known and have lost touch with old friends. To say that this has been isolating is an understatement.

She didn’t realize how much she enjoyed the daily interaction with clients until she stopped the massage escort work. It’s made her realize that more of a people person she thought was. Although she enjoy the Internet, it’s not a substitute for real human interaction.

She haven’t made a lot of new friends. Most of the new friends she made have been other massage services and only within the past year.

One of the reasons for lack of new friends is that she don’t really have a social life anymore. The other is that for the first time ever, She felt the need to hide her massage work. She just don’t want to deal with the questions and stereotypes in her personal life. Not to mention that she no longer is a massage worker. Yet she not really anything else either. she in a state of career-limbo, unsure of her place in the world.