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5 Tips for a Memorable Time with an Escort

Choosing to spend your time with an escort is an interesting choice, and it can actually pay off a lot if you do it the right way. Ideally you want to be certain that both you and her have a very good time. It’s not going to be a walk in the park all the time, as there might be some adjustment needed here and there. But with the right approach things will be more than ok, so don’t hesitate and give that a shot if you can.

Here you have a list with some nice tips that will make your time with an escort memorable and fun!




#1. Do your research

Most escorts have their own website or pages on an agency website. You can find a lot of information about them in there, and in the end that will make the experience super rewarding and exciting for you. We recommend you to do some research before you pick a particular research. It’s always a good idea to know what you are getting into and what she wants. Stuff like this is super important, and you do need to take your time as you adjust and adapt all of that to suit your needs.

In the end, some research is never a bad thing and it can bring in front some rewarding benefits if you do it the right way.


#2. Talk with her beforehand

You want to talk with the escort to see what she expects, what requirements she has and so on. There are also some other things that you need to talk about, which include meeting location, boundaries, pricing and so on. Usually the overall amount you need to pay her will be showcased on the site. You don’t want to negotiate sums or anything like that, as it may not be working the way you want. So don’t hesitate and figure out the right approach, and the results will be more than ok once that happens, you can rest assured of it. if there are some extra expenses, it may be a good idea to learn about them right away, just to be safe.


#3. Always be on time and courteous

An escort doesn’t want to wait for you, nor should her. You need to be on time and respect her as well as her terms. You did agree to her terms beforehand anyway, so you might as well show the respect that she deserves. Ideally you want to push the boundaries as you adjust and adapt all of that to suit your needs in the end.

It’s a great opportunity to keep in mind and one that has the potential to do wonders in the end if you tackle it correctly. Of course, the more courteous and respectful you are, the better it will be for you in the end. Respect her, and then the results will be a whole lot better than you would imagine if you do everything the right way.


#4. Tip her

Let’s face it, an escort will always like the idea of receiving a tip. She does spend time with you, so you might as well want to tip her if you want a great experience. It can really deliver an amazing experience, it all comes down to adapting and adjusting all of that to suit your needs in the end.

Plus, if you want to hire her again, tipping her is maybe one of the best things that you can do, and it will be well worth it in the end. Tipping an escort is not a bad idea. If anything, it’s a sign of respect and appreciation, and it can do wonders if you tackle it the right way. Just remember, it all comes down to figuring out the right tip, and in the end, results can shine for sure!


#5. Don’t jump straight to fun

Sometimes men will jump directly to having fun when they hire an escort, and that’s not a good thing. She will see it as a rude thing and disrespect, so you want to avoid that as much as you can. Ideally you want to push the boundaries as you adapt and adjust all of that to suit your needs the right way. It’s never going to be a walk in the park to behave if you want to have fun with that escort. But do remember that going straight to having fun shows a lack of character and respect.

If you use these tips, you will have no problem enjoying your time with the escort. Remember, having a good time is not that hard as you imagine, you just have to identify the right approach. And in the end this will be well worth it. You must make sure that the results you get are among some of the best, and in order to do that you have to respect her!

The process has not been easy, as you can tell. It’s required: dismantling her entire life, moving away from everything she known and entering a long-term commitment (scary!). Not every masseur escort does these things upon retirement; except for the commitment thing (if they retire because of a relationship).

She did it because she felt she found a special person. Yes, they're still together.

She sure she hasn’t answered every question you have, but here are two you’re probably thinking:

Why not dump him and go back to massage escort work if she like it so much?

It’s not that simple and easy. She in a relationship and her life have changed. She would no more be in my comfort zone by leaving him and trying to re-build her life again (as a massage escort) than she is right now trying to build a publishing business. She moves down a new path and wants to see where it ends.

Would what she will do it all over again?

Perhaps if she did, it would certainly be on a different timeline! She would be much more cautious about so easily giving up her freedom.

She have a feeling that many of them will face the same basic issues shelve faced. Although she can’t assume everyone will react to their retirement the way she had, or that their situations/personalities will create exactly the same issues shelve faced, it would make retirement easier for both parties if they could have an idea of what they’ll face.

Retirement is not as simple as just not taking any more massage escort appointments.

Social Life

Teri have moved away from everything she ever known and have lost touch with old friends. To say that this has been isolating is an understatement.

She didn’t realize how much she enjoyed the daily interaction with clients until she stopped the massage escort work. It’s made her realize that more of a people person she thought was. Although she enjoys the Internet, it’s not a substitute for real human interaction.

She hasn’t made a lot of new friends. Most of the new friends she made have been other massage services and only within the past year.

One of the reasons for lack of new friends is that she doesn’t really have a social life anymore. The other is that for the first time ever, she felt the need to hide her massage work. She just doesn’t want to deal with the questions and stereotypes in her personal life. Not to mention that she no longer is a massage worker, yet she not really anything else either, She in a state of career-limbo, unsure of her place in the world.