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Charlie's Angels

Submit to your every desire


Amazing and seductive, a treat on the eyes and electric to your touch...


Simply teasing you to your limit in preparation for the next part of her service... Experience is not only very relaxing and pampering; it is also quite romantic and intimate.


Entertaining you like the Geisha in ancient Japan, but of course with an extra naughty twist.

Think you can handle three models all to yourself? Or will they be handling you? The Charlie's Angels fantasy is for the gentleman who loves to be enveloped at every turn by the sweet, creamy, female smells of a woman at every side.

Imagine the options - three sets of hands on your body, three relaxing pleasuring you, two pleasuring each other as you watch and are pleasured by another, one parades around in her leather outfit ordering you to do as she commands with the other two models..

Thighs and breasts and legs entwined, sweet breath and full lips and bodies with a light sweat... the possibilities are endless, aren't they...?


Get a few friends together and make a night of it. 3 or 4 boys and 3 or 4 girls = PARTY!!


Her attention is focussed right on you. She smells sexy, she looks mouth-watering. As she moves in to stroke your hair, your heart skips a beat... Don’t deny yourself this beautiful experience.


Slow, gentle and passionate healing pleasure

The different scenarios are endless. The aim is for slow, healing pleasure. This does not come from jumping straight into things, as most women (and some men) know. It comes from intimate caresses, slow gentle arousal and warm, passionate kisses, relax massage. It takes time to create a good quality ambiance, to build the right level of anticipation. This cannot be rushed through in an hour. We trust those looking for a special massage, quality experience understands this, as we cannot provide anything less.


Who is the GFE right for?

Just because you are a successful gentleman doesn't mean you no longer have emotions. Men also need romance to be not only emotionally but also physically satisfied. The GFE is for any gentleman who enjoys emotional intimacy, and wants a girlfriend with which to share a mutual wonderful moment it time, minus the commitment and silly arguments.  The GFE allows you to fulfil your basic human need for companionship while enjoying all Hong Kong has to offer. The trust and respect that comes from such an experience allows for a shame free intimate experience.


We can arrange any special request that you may have as long as you book an escort in advance. You will also be asked a series of personal questions just so we can find you the perfect high class escort there is. The answers to your questions will be kept private.