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We have a very unique recruitment page, we understand that a lot of young women are interested in pursuing a career in the massage escort industry and we welcome you with open arms. All you need to do to enquire about being an massage escort for Best Hong Kong is to fill in the empty boxes in the ‘Recruitment’ page and submit it. We are always interested in expanding our agency and making it better, if you are or know of any women who might be interested in becoming a massage escort then make sure it is Best Hong Kong that you contact first about becoming a one...


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If you’re unable to or do not like booking over the phone then we have a very simple on-line booking form which you can submit to us. . Like the ‘Recruitment’ page it is very easy and simple to get through, all it asks for is vital information regarding the booking.

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Finally, we have an on-line blog page that we keep regularly updated about news that involves our agency and also interesting topics which you may want to read, everything we do is for the pleasure relaxation after a hard working day - A warm good relax soft hands massage - that is all you need...

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Active Release Techniques, or ART, is used to treat a wide variety of soft tissue and repetitive-motion injuries that haven't responded well to other forms of sports therapy. For this reason ART is most commonly performed on professional and serious athletes who suffer from associated sport-related injury, sports-related trauma or overuse of a muscle. Many athletes who go to a sports medicine practitioner with complaints of numbness, tingling, burning or aching muscles will be recommended for ART. The therapy is also often performed on those whose job may put repetitive strain on the joints and muscles of the body...