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Some links if you may need to select a hotel.


A hotel is a different environment, and can help to create a particular atmosphere to enjoy an erotic encounter. It can sometimes help calm nerves, and prepare the gentleman for the intimate massage experience he is about to enjoy.


It places the lady in a situation where she either has to wait in the lobby for you to come and collect her, or she must approach the reception desk and ask for call your room.


Your companion wants to be as discreet as you do, and draw as little attention to your intimate interlude as possible.

It is a private encounter between you and her – it is best to remain that way.


*tip: when arranging a hotel, enquire if the elevators require a swipe card or security key. If the answer is yes, then it is best to make arrangements with "concierge" leave a key on concierge for masseur escort to swipe on lift and go to your room.


Many gentlemen that book the company of a masseur escort are in a living arrangement with another person. Both parties would agree that it is not an ideal situation to be in the company of a masseur when somebody unexpectedly comes home.

A private, intimate massage encounter with a masseur escort is something that every gentleman should experience at least once in their lifetime. Once you have made your decision to book a masseur escort, your next choice will be to decide what kind of experience you would like.