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Sees Escort More Than Once

Nearly all good clients become good clients by seeing an escort fairly often. Building a relationship takes time and once is usually not enough to produce more than a fond memory.

Of course, a first visit that lasts several hours or days goes a much longer way to establishing the relationship than one or two hours.


The Final Factor

What makes a good client often has a lot to do with what the masseur escort wants out of a client. Although the factors I list seem to be pretty universal, the final factor of what makes a good client is the escort in question.

One man could see two different masseur escorts and behave in a completely polite and respectful manner with both; yet one escort will like him more than the other masseur escort. It comes down to personality. After all, this is a people business.


Attracting Good Clients

So what do you do if you want to attract good clients? Naturally, my first recommendation is to give your best the best massage you have ever give before! I feel that the client will have call again for tha fantasy services again and again as he feel confortable and relaxing.

Consistently attracting good clients requires a well-thought-out plan. I’ve seen too many masseur escorts approach this business in a scattershot way and then get unpleasantly surprised when they fail to attract the quality of men they hoped for.

A man who is considerate, respectful and also has the discretionary income to afford the masseur escorts is not likely to be attracted to an masseur escort who doesn’t project an image of quality. Good clients approach paid for a masseur escort companionship more like dating than like shopping, which means they consider far more than just physical appearance.


What’s Next?

Most of what I say here can apply to masseur escorts as well. The logical follow-up post to this one is “What makes a good masseur escort?” Look for it very soon!


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